Firearms Beyond International (FBI) is committed to providing the best available defensive firearms training, marksmanship instruction and self-defense courses available. FBI can provide the knowledge to prepare you for the unexpected and the tools to help you survive.

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation….”

Jennifer Coffindaffer retired from the FBI in 2016 after serving 25 years as a Special Agent. She was a Tactical Operator on the FBI’s HOUSTON, DALLAS and SAN JUAN’s SWAT teams from 1995 through 2014. She was a FBI Firearms Instructor for 21 years and a FBI Law Enforcement Street Survival Instructor from 2003-2016. Jennifer has extensive investigative experience leading nationally recognized investigations concerning Organized Crime, Violent Crime, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and Counterintelligence-Counterproliferation. She has received numerous awards from the FBI, Department of Justice, and the CIA and in 2014, was nominated for the Attorney General’s Team Award. In 2014, she was selected to serve on FBI Director James Comey’s Personal Protective Detail. Jennifer has been a featured speaker for the FBI providing Terrorism and Gang presentations throughout the United States and Canada. She was a Tactical EMT for the FBI for 12 years and is currently a Nationally Registered EMT. Jennifer is the CEO of Firearms Beyond International and has been featured in the Fort Worth Star Telegram and Glamour magazine.

Steve Gomez was a Special Agent with the FBI for 22 years where he investigated a broad range of federal matters including violent crime, money laundering, fraud, and distribution of hazardous materials. He was a Tactical Operator on the FBI’s Los Angeles SWAT Team. Steve has extensive international investigative experience managing international investigations for the FBI in India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and China. Steve quickly advanced through the leadership ranks of the FBI and became the Special Agent in Charge of the Counterterrorism Division, Los Angeles Field Office. He also served as the Chairman of the Los Angeles Joint Terrorism Task Force Executive Board and served on the Mayor of Los Angeles’ Blue Ribbon Panel as the Chair of the Counterterrorism/Homeland Security Committee. Steve has had central leadership roles on several high profile investigations including the 2008 Mumbai, India terror attacks and the Reginald Denny/Los Angeles Riot investigation. Steve is a frequent contributor to ABC News broadcasts, providing live commentary and analysis on high-profile domestic and international law enforcement-related news and security matters. Steve currently is the CEO of B2G Global Strategies.