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This class is specifically designed for novice shooters who want to learn from A – Z, how to safely handle a hand gun and how to shoot accurately.  During this class, you will also obtain your License to Carry. With no bad habits to break, this group will dominate the shooting game! Taught by FBI Firearms Instructors with over 20 years of experience teaching FBI Agents to shoot, come prepared to gain knowledge and confidence as you send bullets down range and with a little luck, you may be the TOP GUN of your Class.

PACKING LIST: You will need a handgun, 200 rounds of ammunition, a holster, a belt, long pants (cargo pants recommended), close toed shoes, eye protection, ear protection and water.

Packing list items may be provided upon request; there is a $25.00 charge to provide a handgun. Ammunition is also available upon request at $40.00 per box, for high grade ammunition. You must pre-order.

Please Contact “FBI” at 214/235-2630, to reserve your place in Class.

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