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This class is designed to teach each shooter the “FBI” marksmanship way while challenging them with intermediate to advanced shooting techniques! During the 45 minute classroom session, shooters will receive instruction from  a retired FBI Agent Firearms Instructor with over 20 years of experience teaching federal agents and state officers, firearms tactics and marksmanship.  Following the classroom instruction, each shooter will be tested on the range with intermediate to advanced Shooting Techniques as they compete against each other shooting “FBI” Combat and Tactical courses.  This will be a full immersion, 3 hour course designed to push their marksmanship limits.  Trainees will fire up to 200 rounds down range as they vie for TOP GUN! We look forward to seeing the O’Regans on the FIRING LINE!

PACKING LIST: You will need a handgun, 200 rounds of ammunition, a holster, a belt, long pants (cargo pants recommended), close toed shoes, eye protection, ear protection and water.

Packing list items may be provided upon request; there is a $25.00 charge to provide a handgun.

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